Lava, a poem written by Megha Sood at



written by: Megha Sood



You are clipping
my wings
to suit your needs;
you are breaking
my bones
to fit me inside a
cookie cutter;
caulking and
smoothing my
rough opinions
just so you please;
tightening the strings
to make this puppet dance
to your tune wildly;
You are bending
my will
and twisting
my emotions to
suit your needs;
you are choking
my dreams
so you can save
some air for
your luxury;
my bones are brittle
but I have an iron will;
you can bend me
but can’t break me
from within;
like molten lava
I melt
but I have the strength
of mountains
hidden in me;
I give birth
to new lands
and can melt
your sorry
in a blink of an eye
you see.

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