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Lie Poetry

written by: Vidya Shankar


“Liar,” I was once called.
Swore I upon my poetry —
The manifested words, my very breath,
From the depths of my being —
Swore I that I had uttered
No untruths.
Disbelief and scorn greeted me.
After all, what was poetry
But a figment of imagination?

Vidya Shankar

Vidya Shankar

A poet and writer, I have been in ELT for more than two decades. My first book 'The Flautist of Brindaranyam', is a collection of poems that refer to scenes from Krishna's life in a non-conventional manner, thereby making it universally applicable.
Besides being published in WRITE, a Sri Lankan Literary magazine, and a few anthologies, I have also been contributing for over four years, to the column 'Short Take' published in 'The Gulf Today', a Sharjah-based newspaper.
My blog, 'The Quintessential Word', showcases my 'Short Take' articles and other random writing.
Vidya Shankar

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