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The Silence and The Unknown

written by: Froya Montezino


You make me remember that courage is a frail state of mind, claiming something so precious that most take it for granted. Muttering jigsaw thoughts and quiet eyes. Stitched together and dissolved and put back together again. How silence contains too much to carry a complete lack of sound

"My guts drawn right back to that moment before I could never lose control again, it was beautiful back then. I need you to know. Because I like the sound of the word unknown and how you push it across your lips."

it whispers my name,
and it's OK

Froya Montezino

Froya Montezino

My name is Froya Montezino. I am a slampoet. I write abuse survivor poems in order to raise awareness on the subject of abuse. It's a bit ironic to write that now that my first submission is about my daughter. But she is just so darn beautiful and I love her so darn much. Being a mother is what made my life beautiful.

I am currently taking a bachelor in literary science for what its worth, I laugh loud like my mother, I fight like a girl. Meaning I'm darn proud of my Kyokushinkai Karate training. My favourite books are not the heavy ones at uni, it's chick litt. ala 'The diary of a shopaholic'.
Froya Montezino

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