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Little Orphan

written by: Mary Bone


Little orphan on the street,
looks in store windows
at yummy things to eat.
His cheeks are rosy
as he looks around
at people dressed so cozy.
Little orphan on Christmas morn,
looked so sad and forlorn.
Lights were shining,
so merry and bright.
Good neighbors brought
a basket full of food and delight.
They adopted little orphan
into their home.
Christmas was never the same
little orphan got a family and 
a new name.



I remember looking into store windows and wishing for a special baby doll and cried to get it. My parents said I wanted the doll so bad, that they went in and bought it for me. That was a great Christmas!

Mary Bone

Mary Bone

Mary Bone has written two books of poetry. Some of her poems have been recently published at Spillwords, Literary Librarian, Indian Periodical, Best Poetry, The Bezine, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Family Friend Poems and Duane's Poetree Blogspot. Mary has been writing short stories and poetry since the age of twelve.
Mary Bone

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