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Many Colors

written by: NikNik


Leaping so high, getting lost in a thought
You can't explain why, some things were self taught.
Chasing your highs, creating your lows
Life's passing you by, and where will it go?
Oh, people will talk, you'll do what you will
Outline it in chalk, create what you feel.
Draw in colors of many, explore all you can
Your methods uncanny, living life without plans.

Jump without knowing, you live without laws
Where are you going? What if you fall?
So high so low, you write to escape
Reap what you sow, then seal it with tape.
Outline it in chalk, create what you feel
Onlookers will talk, "what you chase is unreal"
Your methods uncanny, creating your lows
Draw in colors of many, let the free flow



At the age of 4, I got my first library card. Words slowly became my outlet and reading was my escape from reality growing up. In elementary school I was introduced to poetry. Haiku was one of many favorites. Once I started writing, as the saying goes, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Never enjoying big crowds, or one who enjoys popularity, I don't have a lot of friends. I've always felt Quality over quantity is the route to take when it comes to people.
To share words through writing is good for the soul, it allows inner peace to slowly take hold.

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