Mourn Me Not, a poem by Introverted Thoughts at
Simon Berger

Mourn Me Not

Mourn Me Not

written by: Introverted Thoughts


On misty days and grief drenched mornings,
When sight is blurry and life a dark ride,
I see you drunk with perplexion and
Lost in wonderous complexites.
But, mourn me not
For I shall rise soon.

Bloodied paths do you tread,
Remnants of human frailty.
When love is lacking and
Hope blinded by naivete,
Mourn me not
For my return is forthcoming.

Echoing whispers do I hear,
Prayers and curses – of humans young and old.
Faith invested in people and stars,
My rays show me a world
In apprehension of the future,
The present spent in prayers
For a better tomorrow.

Enormous miseries and fantasies
Do my luminosity envelope,
Emitting shards of magical realism –
Your quotidian charm.

As long as tomorrow exists,
Mourn me not.
For I shall rise everyday
And leave novel beginnings in my wake.

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