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written by: Dr Ramakrishna Perugu



She smoothed along

for not one or two,

but oh for eighty years…

Mother…our Mother…

at last now got a little respite!

Not really a respite…

but a fatigue, a languor,

and a resultant deep reticence!


She’s now looking like a

dangling  relic of burnt-out spirits!


For all these decades,

she carried our joys and pains,

our sweet lines and acrimonious utterances…

as undying mixed memories

in an all in one large portmanteau

of her tender heart.


At our toddling days,

when released our father

his tender grip over our little fingers

to leave for other worlds,

who’s there at that time for us…

yeah…our Mother, who nestled us

with her secure arms and love!


Her lap was our roost…

where grew we and learned to fly,

safe and far in the wicked skies

of human-jungle!

Yes…now, after all these years

she’s looking tired…

but with an unfailing simple smile

of walking her family safe and happy

through tough times and hampering travails

to reach at last the pinnacle of fulfillment…

of life her and that of her dependents!


But now…why became she so laconic?

For the first time I saw her glued to her ancient cot

and heard her saying

“I’m tired!?”


All these three days

I too relinquished the outside world

and squatted by her side,

basking in her benevolent aureol,

watching her, winkless, wordless

as if at last I found my real world…my only world!

Yeah…now nothing is important for me…nothing else!

I am here…she’s here…we’re near as never before…

and around me the brilliant halos of her eternal love…

Yeah…now nothing is important for me…nothing else!


Poem speaks about the touching feelings of a son when saw his mother became so weak with aging process..

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