My Thorns, poetry by Anoucheka Gangabissoon at
Radu Florin

My Thorns

My Thorns

written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon


Laugh not at the thorns sprouting
From my blooms,
Laugh not at their ugliness
Or, at the way
They impose themselves over me,
Weighing heavily over my
Broods, bidding me to bend
Under their harshness
And hurting me to the point
Of causing me to shed tears of
Blood, in the solitude of
My secret garden;
A haven which I built for myself,
A haven in which I had mistakenly
Thought that shielded would I be
From life’s icy arrows!

It remains a truth
That regardless of where I choose
To stand, whether in my garden
Or in life’s chaos,
My thorns stand there with me as well,
And prick me,
With the same harshness!

But then,
Laugh not at them
Like me,
You are also a rose
Even if you may not
Have realized it yet
And someday,
You will wake to the imposing weight
Of your own thorns
Pricking you as harshly
As mine do!

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