Not Lucid, a poem written by Tomiwa Olatunji at
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Not Lucid

Not Lucid

written by: Tomiwa Olatunji



I am certainly not lucid as I pen this,
I advise you pay little attention while reading,
There is no devil in this detail
The contents, therefore, are trivial.

I refrain from wearing white tuxedos,
Because my black skin might leave a stain,
Like the indelible markings on my skin,
Constantly reminding me of my sins.

I am just another flawed being,
Taking a leisure ride on a crash course.
Wildly driven by pride,
Many a time, I have been told to sit and be humble.

But on my volition,
I have remained on this course,
Having no regrets
For I am my saint,
my truth and my lie.

To quote a wise man I cannot remember,
“From grace will a king fall,
And to dust will man return when mother earth calls”
So, before you raise a glass to my yesterday,
And make a toast to my today, Say a prayer for my tomorrow.

PS. I did advise you to pay little attention…

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