NYC Lights, a poem written by Sophia Behalova at

NYC Lights

NYC Lights

written by: Sophia Behal


The World round?
Or flat as Ground?

Interlaced everywhere,
connected and bound.

I see you – a stare,
We, You & I, are
supposed to be,
physical energy.

I see you – a star,
We, You & I, are
infinite glare,
NYC I swear.

Connects everywhere,
my tear rolls around.

crystal clear
is my tear
what’s about
synergy found
Eternally -in the sound.
Enlightenment -we found.

We, You & I,
is who love I.

Sophia Behal

Sophia Behal

Sophia Behal lives her life which is filled with magic and music right now somewhere in Europe. Before that, she lived in the United States. She spends her time going to festivals, writing books/poems and making music and last but not least she has a smile on her face for everyone.
Sophia Behal

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