Prelude by Gervanna GRAVITY Stephens at



written by: Gervanna GRAVITY Stephens



I, with eyes reflecting bright, watch
the pixels of a face come together screening,
A puzzle of you to be deciphered and arranged.

Meanwhile the miles which divide physical interactions, prove
us gone astray;
Found only
In virtual exchanges, behind suited technologies.
Found in digital conversations
Through avenues perpetuated by social media flames.

Distance starves convenience for those who are conveniently bred,
So I, with one resolve in mind,
Unearth that choice is no longer mine.

And my life, too stained by the abstracts of art,
The emotional wells, the heart breaking
In the cavity of a chest, must not be pop culture
Pending that which I must learn
In correct meter and rhyme.

I go, as might be expected, sequestered by space,
Smile through the pain,
Carry a handbag, paint my lips red,
And inscribe on headstones
Of photographed sunrises and sets.

Till with time it is revealed how,
Halfway through transmission,
I stumbled outwards, into
Ripples of a long-awaited you.

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