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written by: Dan Leicht



The Williams have to be paid, at least he assumes that’s the formal name.
Water, electric, cable, phone,
streaming subscription 1/2/3,
rent, car and parking. What’s left for groceries?
There’s a bag of potatoes in the bowl atop the fridge,
beside some browning bananas, inside the fridge half a gallon of milk,
three dozen eggs, six servings of yogurt,
a generous supply of sliced turkey from the deli
a few extra slices for being such a great regular,
some cottage cheese, sour cream, and that’s all that’s left since Tuesday.
Sipping on a glass of water while watching subscription 2
he thinks about the money he’s saving
by not sipping from the gallon of milk,
or indulging in a potato at 9pm.
Such bountiful savings must be stacking up, surely
he’s on the verge of becoming an icon, on par with the syndicated
stars making a million a week.
He places some money into a jar and says it’s for something special,
saving it for a rainy day - when really,
he knows,
he hopes,
it’s enough to cover dinner and a movie with her.

Dan Leicht

Dan Leicht

Dan Leicht, a writer from Rochester NY, often writes poetry as well as fiction, which can be found on his author site. His poetry has previously been published with Canto Magazine and Work Literary Magazine.
Dan Leicht

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