Revolution Of Love written by Natalia Aeschliman at

Revolution Of Love

Revolution Of Love

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



This world in infected
Everyone waiting for that zombie
Yet you can’t realize there is a disease
Spreading like wild fire
A pandemonium of epidemic
Hate. People killing people
Mothers killing children
Children killing parents
People shooting cops
Cops killing the innocent
You can’t express an opinion
Without having to apologize
Without having to deal
Without getting attacked for your own
Welcome to the rage virus
Where guns are being shot
For no reason
Only because they didn’t like you
Where women get raped
Only because their outfit was too
Where people steal
Because they refuse to work
Where you can’t think outside
The box without being exiled
Celebrating freedom
Freedom is being free
Yet you can’t be free
Unless you follow the regimen
Therefore freedom doesn’t exist
People that live out of love
And happiness
Are now being attacked,
Made fun of,
People that are full of rage and anger
Are suddenly victims
Come on? You can’t open your eyes?
We used to laugh at comedians
And listen to politicians
Now we laugh at politicians
And listen to comedians
The world has lost it marbles
And Peter Pan isn’t saving anyone
Yet, we all stand back
We all scream we want change
For our children, for us
Yet you can’t stop judging one another
You can’t stop, can you?
I choose love
Freedom of my own ways
I choose to smile
And never put anyone down
I choose to rise above it
Whether some may think
“It’s just another Facebook post”
That’s fine.
But I refuse to be part of the hate
I refuse to be afraid
I refuse to be part of the problem.
I refuse to apologize for my beliefs
For my opinions.
Love is love
We are all one race
The human race,
Forget your skin
Forget your flags,
It’s time to love
And let go
It’s time to rise.
Are you ready,
For the revolution of love?

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