Shine On, a poem written by Brad Osborne at
Jordan Wozniak

Shine On

Shine On

written by: Brad Osborne


Let loose the light in strident strands
As faint as the scent of gardened rose
Far flung to isle of wave-kissed sands
Where a beauty in silence grows

Entrench each nest and narrowed home
In the shimmer of shadows cast
And in the lilt of heavy known
Feed us with our great repast

The rotten wood of shared decay
The stench of time that has well past
Each dawn of hope held in sun’s ray
Dreams hard wishing and steadfast

Wash away the shed salient tears
As blessings bathe the arid heart
Fortified from our wanton fears
Strength in the translucent art

Let slip your love in even glow
Beaconed light upon your face
Fill this, the only world I know
With the countenance of your grace

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