SILENT SCREAM written by Nida Wasim at



written by: Nida Wasim


Lone in darkness she made the silent scream
Longing for someone she howled the silent scream,

Hutch in the dolor, emaciated soul made the silent scream
Gone unheard she again howled the silent scream,

The mortal her wanting to depart, the dismal made the silent yowl
Infinite aeon of ache wailed the silent howl,

Fictitious may it seem howbeit hers was the echt scream
Fragmenting each day the soul howled a silent scream,

From inside her sturdy cast, she the frail girl made a silent scream
Deceiving thy the gleam in eyes, her vexed soul howled a silent scream,

Unraveling the ruins, each night she sobs
For all she’s left with, just an unheard silent howl.

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