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Silent Tears

written by: Vickie Mryczko



One unnoticed drop falls for each of us.
Silent tears escape.
Taken for granted and used.
Cravings of acknowledgement build until a stream, a flood, pools from her skin.
Settling in deep crevasses; overflowing its banks.
Look at her. Embrace her gifts.
Until that time her fury will surround your very being.
An obnoxious, beautiful display; tormenting and enveloping your every thought.
Her emotional storm cries for us.
See and feel her cleansing ways.
Give her your attention; for she will not relent until you not only feel her on your skin, but taste her in your soul.

Vickie Mryczko

Vickie Mryczko

I am a single mom, who has been through some stuff. I have always enjoyed writing. There is no greater joy than being able to share my words, written or spoken. My hope is to be able to inspire healing, confidence and self motivation.
Vickie Mryczko

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