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The Essence Of Michael Jackson

 The Essence of Michael Jackson

written by: Donna Africa



Michael, “The Prince of Pop”
How you agonised,
sacrificed and suffered so
for sharing and giving the world
your love
your creativity
your ingenuity
your music
dance and incredible songs
that will inspire and live forever on.

Michael, in my eyes
an innocent lost boy child
trapped within whilst
outside a vulnerable
crumbling visage of a
trusting man

A puppet dancing for the media strings
Filled with so much pain and hurt
Struggling and longing just to be loved
understood and finally to be set free.

Michael, there could never be another
as superbly talented & as creative as you
No other could have broken down barriers
and inspired
as you
This world was never meant
for one as beautiful as you

Michael, you will never be forgotten
Your music and legacy
you gave us
will remain and carry on
to illuminate
and appreciate
The Great Bright Super Star
that you were and will be forever more.

Michael, we will always love you!


Written by Donna Africa
© Donna Africa


“The essence of Michael Jackson” My penned poem & tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson as seen through my eyes.

With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa
“Queen of Dreams”

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