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The Perfect Poem

The Perfect Poem

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas


A pen and paper is all I need
To drown the thoughts I lead
Into the words I collect and read.
My mind, nowhere to be found,
The silence, grows louder and shouts
And my dazy eyes swing back around.

An average rhyme scheme,
Too many words for one theme,
Few stanzas expressing no dream,
Deep ink drying on a dense sheet
Recollecting works done while on my feet,
Thus, walking through easy street.

The structure is unusual, I know,
Perhaps mediocre, it shows,
As true as saying the moon will go.
Six lines for each,
A stanza standing tall with no reach,
Like a quiet monk willing to preach.

Unfamiliar words that rhyme,
Echoing as the screams of a mime
And a clock never walking with time.
Thoughts running in my mind,
Sending chills down my spine
As owls in my head hoot through the night.

Joy, joy galore,
Fiercely pushing through my door,
And lying high on the floor.
Damp vines swinging dry
Under the cloudy sun in the sky,
Where rain let out his heart’s sigh.

A wobbly table ‘neath my eyes,
Canvas for a stable stack of lies,
Awaiting my breath till it dies.
My time spent searching
For words still lurking
Like a bird never perching

Secrets hidden throughout the ages,
Buried in depths of papers and pages
Like the demons of a sinner’s wages.
Words written and read;
Alive in the path I led,
As I danced to the thoughts in my head.

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