The Rainy Day, children's poetry by Nina Taylor at

The Rainy Day

The Rainy Day

written by: Nina Taylor


‘Oh dear’ said the lady. ‘It’s raining today.
We won’t be able to go out to play.
Let’s go find the toybox and see what there is
I’m sure there’s a train set and plenty of bricks.
And dollies and cars and modelling clay.
Plenty to do on a rainy day’.

So off they all scampered around the house
The dog, the cat and the Little Brown Mouse.
They found the toybox behind the door
And tipped it all out right over the floor.
So many toys came tumbling out.
‘Hurray, hurray’ they all did shout.

Cat found a dolly and dog found a ball
But Little Brown Mouse couldn’t choose at all.
‘Maybe the dressing up clothes, like a doctor or vet.
But what I really want is the big train set!’

With old lady’s help he took out the box
And inside was track and trains and big pretend rocks.
A station and platform and a guard with a flag
And a man in a suit with a big black bag.
All ready for Mouse to start to build
So now he was feeling really thrilled.

By now, dog and cat were bored with their toys
And heard little mouse making such a noise.
The pieces of track were heavy you see
And he struggled to move them with his feet and a knee.
‘Can we help you?’ they said, ‘as it looks really fun
And if we all work together, we’ll soon get it done’.

Dog, cat and mouse as a team were just great
And made their railway in a figure of eight.
It had bridges and tunnels and a signal as well
And as the trains whizzed round they dinged its bell.
They stopped at the station to let people on
And with a whistle and chug off they were gone.

Dog, cat and mouse had such a fun time
And didn’t even hear the clock chime
‘It’s teatime now’ the old lady said.
And then you’ll all have to get ready for bed.
You can dream of the places you went on the train
Lovely pretend journeys, even if it does rain’.

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