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The Thing About Oil Spills

written by: Godfrey Holy


I watch birds fly
bid them farewell as they perforate
the thin membranes of time,
as they injure the sky with their
wings and stoke the sun
with whispered chirps
And her screaming rays,
her fiery tongues of guile
I let crawl into my mouth
like heartworms,
let them lay eggs in my lungs
and have them choke my
point of view.
Someday my sunny breath will
fumigate all the monarchs from
your milkweed.



Godfrey Holy

Godfrey Holy

Godfrey Holy is a published author of several anthologies (In the Crosshairs, A promise of Doves among others). He has been a guest author in several other books. He resides close to Boston with his wife and three kids.
Godfrey Holy

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