Toxic Parents, a poem by Shriya Bansal at

Toxic Parents

Toxic Parents

written by: Shriya Bansal


You shattered my dreams
and cut my wings.

I am not your slave,
To nod to whatever you say.

You cannot beat me.
Nor threaten me.

Congrats, you have killed my inner peace.
And ripped it apart, piece by piece.

Obviously, I’m different from a boy.
Why did you force me to be coy?

I didn’t escape, I didn’t lie.
You’ve tied me so hard, I can’t fly.

How dare you not let me grow,
despite all the seeds of hard work I sow?

I yearned to be supported,
I wish you had me aborted.

Stop all the comparisons
You couldn’t be good parents.

My heart has become heavy
and now, the pain is deadly.

You gave me an unmatched trauma
that unknowingly radiated in my aura.

You please see yourself in the light
to witness your dark side.

Once you see,
you won’t be able to hide.

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