Wakeful Words, poetry by Ashley Marilynne Wong at Spillwords.com
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Wakeful Words

Wakeful Words

written by: Ashley Marilynne Wong


Wake. Just wake. Be just to your sole self’s sauna.
Wipe your tears of joy with the back of your well-lit, yolk-smeared thumb, but do thank that
waking dream encouraging you to get a move on – to make a move,
worried this silk-voiced day will cease and seize you from your goal-posted dreams,
when? Whenever it suits the invisible, political black dog, dotted, in need of doctoring.

Worth it, woken, it seems, because before you know it,
whirling morning music from the world around you, burnt bird song smiling, says you’re very
welcome to the huge mug of coffee you’ll brew, exactly
when again? Again, whenever you’re ready, eyes cry open.

Wrong decision to walk straight into the whacking, definitely not whacky
wall of shelf-doubt about your words’
wands, right, when, once more, every single day, what do you need? Spine-cracking confidence.

Wrap your gift. Cake it in the respiring, perspiring gifted blood. Present it to your future self.
When is a wasteful question. Five, four, three, two, one. Go!

Write. Write right now. Get off your high-horsed comfort zone. Wring when’s neck.

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