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What Is Life?

What Is Life?

written by: Shubhanshu Shrivastava



Life is a dream when you think about it,
A gleam of colours, a vision of grey,
With a few moments that smell sweet and nice,
With the occasional taste of bad decay.

Life is a journey as many say,
A tunnel filled with twists and turns,
And the empty caverns that come through it,
Filled with deep visions of your desires in turn.

Life is in friends as many claimed,
And we do not interrupt them for believing thus.
But what about the time when they are maimed, through
Inaction of the same when tragedy occurs?

Life is in work as many believe,
Spending one’s years in tiresome ease,
With no time for anyone else, but alas!
Repenting on their death’s untucked bed, deceased!

Life is a fight for the taste of some,
Bloody and bruised, all days to come,
And though it is somewhat crucial to know,
But a jealous, dubious mind at unease will always show.

Life is in inaction as most exist,
Sustaining silently every slap, burn and shear,
Keeping mum all through, in betwixt; and
Complaining only when no one cares to hear.

What is life and how to live?
A question that haunts mankind still,
Yet there are answers in a few, that give,
Books and stories of those, considered greater still.

They say that life is all this, and more,
And one faces all these above,
But to be wise is a rarer gift,
And rarer is to act on it.
Your conscience knows the rightful path,
It tells you as your innermost thought,
To control your emotions when facing odds,
To act such and let them know how you’re wrought.

Yet do not bend when beaten much,
Even the sharpest sword breaks (upon the anvil) at moments such,
When the hammer starts to believe it’s mightier still,
Constantly beating and the steel reaches its utmost limit.
Beat back then and let the hammer know,
Slice it in one swift motion, in one throw,
That it is mostly wood – soft and easy to split,
Therefore keep it must itself, within its limits.

But then also do not forget,
To love and care for others as well,
For there will always be those who will value you such,
Of what you deserve, of your true worth.
And live your life as you deem it fit to be, but
Absurdly, do not hurt a living thing you see.
Focus on yourself, your personal growth,
Yet keep them close, who matter the most.

For a selfish case loses the kingdom,
And gains just an empty throne.
So tell me what you think of this,
Is this life, to you, what I have shown?

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