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Wounded Angel

written by: Claude Seguy


Precious, fragile angel filled with anxieties
Years of tribulations nurturing her heartaches
Her tender soul betrayed, amassing the worries,
Naively guilty for her painful mistakes.

The venomous falsehoods, the ignoble treasons
Have carved so many scars in her sensitive heart.
The thundering torrent of mingled emotions
Exposing her spirit, and ripping it apart.

The waves of abuses, recurring deceptions,
Have taken their ransom of sufferings and tears,
Inducing confusion, doubts, mistrust, suspicions,
Poisoning the candor, rousing hideous fears.

Life has lost its colors when hope tragically fell,
Leaving despair and pain, resentment and anguish.
Will a sweet Prince Charming come to remove the spell?
Touching her tender lip with a romantic kiss.

Claude Seguy

Claude Seguy

Poète, peintre, cartoonist, caricaturiste, né en France à Paris, présentement résident de Palm Beach en Floride.
Claude Seguy

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