Good Luck written by Dan Leicht at Spillwords.com

Good Luck

Good Luck written by: Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk   With a pen, its ink almost dry, he sat down to write a letter. “To You,” he simply wrote at the top, ...
Letter for my daddy written by Inna at Spillwords.com

Letter For My Daddy

Letter for my daddy written by: Inna @Inna_sumi   You are my greatest teacher of all, When I was but little, I've known you to be so flawless & maj...
Dear Wanderer, by Robbie Masso at Spillwords.com

Dear Wanderer,

Dear Wanderer, written by: Robbie Masso @robbie.masso   I sent her a love letter. It pierced the heart of America, it rang the Liberty Bell, blew thro...