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A Bird Landed On My Window

written by: Eric Danhoff



a bird landed on my window
and it would not move
some guilt or drive to not be like all the ones
who left me behind
nurture this weakened
in small drops of water and seed
watch its growth
past feathers and wings
into something new
and terrifying
the scales came first
new skin to replace that withering flesh
a hardened shell colored bright
and then the teeth
so sharp
i ripped like paper
it was then i knew
how special you were
there was a strength
unlike anything i’ve seen
but i wasn’t afraid
even when i began losing pieces
of myself
this blood can always be replenished
a body is only a shell
i learned that from you
to take such pain
let it become
it wasn’t a primal rage
that tore the fingers from my hand
you were young
and hadn’t felt the love you needed
no idea how to trust
without seeing someone standing
rivers red flowing
arms still opened wide
like a wound
still you transformed
into something greater
beyond the normal
i am more than proud
to pour out this red
burn the wounds
to keep my limbs
bleed this blood
to feed the fire that you breathe
the parts can be replaced
i am more now then i was
with both my hands
this body must continue
lift this creature
praise this evolution
take flight
burn this world
into something new
and beautiful

Eric Danhoff

Eric Danhoff

Born in Chicago and writing since the age of seven.
Eric Danhoff

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