After: Volver, Volver by Buika, poetry written by Ingrid Bruck at
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After: Volver, Volver by Buika

After: Volver, Volver by Buika

written by: Ingrid Bruck



life wails
a jazz solo      contrapuntal
her heart broken
a dream     stolen
a child        lost
her man

on Buika’s blue notes
sorrows      s—o—a—r
griefs         c//r//e//s//t//
regrets hold her hostage

hope for the future            smashed
love                 vanished
a cup                shattered

the singer belts words out of the shadows that trap her inside a cave
sound cascades        like golden shimmer on clouds
she climbs up            molten scales
the running notes        illuminate the pain

her voice      //                      releases a bird
its wings   b//e//a//t//        in frenzy to find the door
she refuses   //              to stay trapped
pounds the walls and glass
won’t be stopped

only a wabi-sabi artist like Buika can fill cracks with gold
that which was broken is mended whole
in this recording
her song flies
unbound and f—r—e—e

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