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Angel Down, Angel Down

written by: Amanda Eifert



She built her life, she built it strong, made it so —

It wouldn’t fall; but you can fortify —

The keep, make it so no one can slip in,

There are always cracks within perfection;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


You can see the lines forming before she breaks,

Memories from the past she thought would save.

She’s safe –an illusion broken when the mirror —

Of life shatters within her face, she’s beat;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Trapped in a birdcage, no song to sing,

Her tunes aren’t lucid and her wings are clipped,

Such dreams as a young woman, such glad times,

Now she’s angry, so frustrated — life’s a lie;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Paints her makeup mask, hide the mirror’s blood tracks,

She thinks she’s imperfect tries to conceal —

New dress, she’s pretty, long legs on display yet,

She can’t hide feelings, she doesn’t fit in here;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


He said heels were stupid, girls can’t walk on —

Four-inch needles; yet they made her happy.

Night of the dance, stumbled; wore light blue chucks,

Sitting on the radio at the party crying;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Years pass, another day spent sifting in,

Her see-through life, on clothing racks, she —

Attempts to find the perfect fit,  but she —

Knows like her, it’s elusive, can’t be found;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Music saves some, for others it magnifies,

A hurt and hole inside her –can God even fill?

Remembering hideaways, experiences —

To fill the void within, smile with tears dripping;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Time in lavish living rooms, won’t make her,

Feel love she’s so denied; she can’t even —

Love her own body, isn’t what it was,

She fingers trinkets bought, fears with tears smear;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Jewel she thought would invoke good memories,

Fill her with hope and joy again; sharp pains of —

Her past; but now her wings have been pried off, 

She’s a hibiscus plucked and dying slow;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Packing suitcases, her body trembles,

She’s going on journey; her state of mind —

Broken; but she’s trying to heal and she —

Prays new memories, stop her rapid descent;

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Please somebody, please help an Angel Down and —

Unlock her cage –the one she created,

Show her some love, let her taste freedom.

Be someone she can trust, so she won’t fade;

Angel Down, Angel Down


Angel found her feet and flew,

Sailed above clouds anew;

The sun glints of her smile and –

She’s brand new bird who trills;

Angel Found,  Angel Found.



Based half-off the Lady Gaga Song "Angel Down."

Amanda Eifert

Amanda Eifert

Amanda M. Eifert is a writer from Alberta, Canada. She blogs at wordpress - Mandibelle16 and you can find some of her recent poetry in an upcoming NaPoWriMo Anthology for 2020. Loves writing, dogs, and her dear friends and family!
Amanda Eifert

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