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Door of Heaven

Door of Heaven

written by: LadyLily



On fresh crushed leaves I wait at the door of Heaven.
Your sky, studded with thousands of pearls.
Spellbinding apparitions hover around your shoulders.
Angels, with a poetic flow of radiance conjure
A ginger mist to cloak your being.
It is time for me to excite.

Death came sudden for you, son,
Like a long first kiss.
Winged listeners await in quilted luxury,
Scents of frankincense shiver from their cheesecloth garments.
Flower petals raise their heads as though speaking.
Warming sapphires flow within your aura.
Friends welcomed you, flourishing the soul.
I dearly miss you, my precious boy.

In my world petals hang low, drooping…
Tomorrow blooms will disperse,
Leaving a space of nothingness.
My chosen path is difficult.
Pain, like loose Rosary beads beats my head.
Rooted in despondency once again
I listen to Latin hymns whilst dancing
Within mumbling mirrors.

Summer has many guises, plays like a little girl,
Bleaching Sunflowers flaxen.
Autumn chills will end this bridesmaids waltz.
Hail will spit a russet hiss.
A higher hand has summoned me!
To live in harmony, body weightless
Where everyone is equal.
I am in your glorious world my lad.
For I am home at last.

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