Electric Shock at Sunset, poetry by Julia R. DeStefano at Spilwords.com
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Electric Shock at Sunset

Electric Shock at Sunset

written by: Julia R. DeStefano



I was sitting in his chair
Friday night after dark —
special circumstances for sullen redheads.
“You’ve faded,” the Stylist to the Stars said,
and I knew he was referring to more
than my tired locks, old with age.
“I need to bring you back to life.”
But what he was really saying was:
“If you don’t trust yourself,
you will never be able to trust me”
as he pulled shade after shade
out of his magic hat.
Eight o’clock, nine o’clock —
I, with nothing but time to give —
watching deft hands paint me
with deep copper delights
from a bygone dream of a sunrise
I’ve yet to see.
And I started thinking how it’s like love,
this infusion of rich color —
prismatic as a jewel —
how every bit of it
hinges upon trust of oneself
if we ever hope to see it shine
and the compassionate maintenance
to make it last.

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