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written by: ilex fenusova



I told him that our ghosts

would likely hit it off;

swapping sheet sizes and

trading techniques

of the best textures to apply

to shadows and mirrors

for maximum spook.

I told him

we should set them up,

as a blind date, and maybe then

they’d leave us alone.

I can see them now, hunched over our libraries-

using our fingerprints as their bookmarks,

the echo of our breath as their nameplates.

I think

they’re enjoying this.

we must decide, you know,

how late we’ll allow them to stay out.

I don’t want to wait up forever

for mine to come home and tell me how it went.

I’d welcome decisiveness for a change.

if we’re lucky

they’ll have a shotgun wedding;

we must be there to give them away

and afterwards we’ll tell each other

what a good job we did of raising them.

Ilex Fenusova

Ilex Fenusova

Was one of the founding members of the Dallas Poets Community in the late 80s/early 90s, now called the DPC. Was accepted to the Squaw Valley Writers Conference at age 19. Workshopped with Brenda Hillman, Mark Doty, Joe Ahearn, Sheryl St. Germain among others. Enjoy live readings and performing poetry as well. Was a featured reader at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Should have kept a Rolodex of publications but hindsight is 20/20. Items seen here have not been published before.
Ilex Fenusova

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