Just Like That, I'm Better, a poem by Leila Ziari at Spillwords.com
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Just Like That, I’m Better

Just Like That, I’m Better

written by: Leila Ziari


Waltzing through a mirrored hall
My demons court me at the ball
Somber shadows prance on the wall
Triggers unearthed, large and small
Ancient artifacts and piano shawls
On weary knees, I start to crawl

There’s a murder at the house of vanity
Corsets strung up on the balcony
Limiting beliefs strip me of all sanity
Defeated by pain dished by my humanity
Yet in my hand, I hold the key
To liberate myself from shackles of agony

Staring into a crystal ball with closed eyes
Desperation becomes normalized
The swollen clouds seem glorified
Praying for answers to arrive
Jumping off the ledge into the skies
Whilst solace awaits me on the inside

Inhale, exhale count to ten
Namaste, love and light becomes a trend
Worship of temporary solutions
Better to take the scalpel to the skin
Magnifying what’s ingrained in the head
Shall I allow those roots to mend?

Examination of fear that’s been trapped
My wisdom shaded by delusion of lack
Balance scales all out of whack
The old paradigm is under attack
Promising to shift into love’s track
Healing begins as the veil is pushed back

Romancing traumatized fragments
Making love to my darkness
Reprogramming the subconscious
I sink into the ceremony of death
In the next moment, I ring bells of forgiveness
Chimes in which desolation is vanquished

Enough tears to drown the dead
Refusing to allow these addictions remain fed
I slice myself open till all caverns are bled
Determined to shift the narrative
To the winds of change, I thee wed
As I lay these demons to bed

Retribution of the mind
Karmic contracts finalized
Preconceived notions begin to die
Troubles drift into the tides
Moving with confidence in my stride
As opportunities open their arms so wide

A reclamation of personal power
Memories of suffering are devoured
All troubles seem foreign in this kingdom of ours
Inhaling the sweetness of the hour
Sunbeams open up their shower
My petals once again begin to flower

The haze of illusions vanish
I’m faced with a glow so resplendent
Shifting into miracles from one second to the next
I question if my madness ever did exist
In its place I make love to my limitlessness
Encompassed by uninterrupted bliss

Dedicated to becoming the best of me
Change is my only true identity
Not afraid to shed what is not worthy
Rising up to claim my glory
The master weaver of my destiny
Surrendering to this epic journey

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