Nine Nine Nine, a poem written by Nelson Brooks at
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Nine Nine Nine

nine nine nine

written by: Nelson Brooks


Public adulation,
but beneath the surface
a monster lurks,
attention peaked,
seeking to tease,
to please,
to make her plead,
to make her yearn
to burn for contact,
for the rough hand
on soft skin
as he begins,
to spread her wings.

It’s a secret, private,
behind that mystery door,
you were fiery, feisty,
first whipped and dipped
but once the caramel kisses begin,
unexpectedly tamed again,
sound proofing required,
or the neighbours will hear
dialling nine, nine, nine,
while we have better uses for our fingers.

Nelson Brooks

Nelson Brooks

Having been a writer now for over twenty years, I thought it was high time to bring all of my various strings into one bow. In 2016 I published my first novel, Rules for a Born Again bachelor, which is available on Amazon as hardback, softback and Kindle versions. I have since completed two more novels and am writing a fourth. The second novel, The Perry Gene, has just been released (Jan 2020) on Kindle and Paperback. The earliest serious writing I undertook was poetry and in total now I have over 3000 poems stored and ready to deploy on top of a passionate love of Japanese short forms such as Haiku, Tanka, Senryu and Sedoka. Along the way, there have been short stories and forays into Non-fiction through the Analogies project which is an organisation trying to improve compliance to policy through the use of story telling. Also, the other non-fiction writing comes under the guise of 'Hoofing It' which is my blog site on horse racing. There is a plan to produce a biography of Admiral Henry John Rous, the father of the modern handicapping system in horse racing.
Nelson Brooks

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