Our Silence, a poem by Brad Osborne at Spillwords.com
Jackson Simmer

Our Silence

Our Silence

written by: Brad Osborne


The silence did not fall
Some wistful dance
A twirling leaf hushed
In its parasoled approach

Not twilight whispers
To a coming night
A quiet that seeps slow
Like honey off the comb

The dull of the murmur
As the eager audience
Waits in anticipation
For the orchestra to begin

No, it did not fall with grace
Silence silhouetted in soliloquy
A restorative pausal effect
Natural balance heard

Our silence was never that
It crashed our conversation
Like an adolescent driver
More meteor than metaphor

Words and wishes abrupt
Plunge to their demise
Hoping the sudden stop
Ensures a painless death

And there, in the quiet left
Volumes unspoken
Emotional graffiti
A harbor in the silence

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