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written by: Supriya Rakesh


I’m a rooted animal,
Almost a plant, one might say.

Watch others taking flight,
Feel a tinge of envy
Long for the skies unknown
For lands farther and greener
Admire their soaring glide,
Bird-souls fluttering from tree to tree,

Icy storms or a scorching sun
Ocean gale or the highland wind
Dusty arid or a tropical green
Their wings don’t tire.
Searching for something new –
New nests, new feed, greener pastures or merely
the joy of flight.

I look up at the venturers,
The migratory folk.
I tried on their wings once.
Every flight, felt a burn.
A twinge of regret.
Yearning for home. A sense of loss.
The desire to return.

Then slowly, I grew new roots
(the plant that I am)
In a careless pause for solace,
Ah! The disunion within.
Roots here, roots there…
Uproot from where?

Where is home now?
I miss them. All the nests I lived in.
All the little roots I grew every-where.
All my divided selves
Will feel one.
Only when I’m back, finally back
To where I was
Planted, as a seed.

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