Spilling Words, written by Supriya Rakesh at Spillwords.com

Spilling Words

Spilling Words

written by: Supriya Rakesh


I haven’t written ‘em for a decade now, but
today I’m on a roll!
Keeping my feelings all bottled up, has
finally taken its toll..

I woke up, this morning, may be
From the wrong side of the bed..
Or in my dreams, some fairy-dust fell
On my tiny, silly head…

My eyes were burning, as I
Struggled to open ‘em to the light..
And before I knew it, a poem fell
Out the sleepy remains of my night

I got up unsteadily to brush
In my head, a bit of a race
Streams of words, and puns and tropes
Splashed onto my face…

I sat down to drink my morning brew
Biting hard on my toast
A sudden shiver down my spine
The third one’s about a ghost!

This thing happening to me
Is almost supernatural, I think..
The fourth one spills out in a tizzy…
As I wash my mug at the sink

They’re just falling out of me now
Someone make it stop!
Look at the lyrical mess on the floor
Get me my wonder-mop!

One on love, one on beauty
And all the other things that bother…
And finally as I rest my head
One stirs up ‘bout my mother!

Eight, nine, then…there’s no stopping ‘em
I think I’m loosing count…
So I say why just watch and fret
Might as well write ‘em down!

Suddenly there’s quiet in my head…
All the rhymes are gone.
Aww… I must write just one more..
That’s how this one was born.

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