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written by: Aida


The moon is in full bloody and creepy red...
Eyes longing, searching for a victim to devour.
Victims who are susceptible to her magic
charms with her alluring beauty, to taste her first bite.

Her tempest beauty is enticing and tempting.
Lonely spirit is inviting and she’s itching her
way to seduce her first victim. Her deep blue hypnotizing eyes are divine. Spell bounding when getting straight into your eyes.

Blood oozing from her one night stand but, not satisfied with her first bite...eyeing for the next one to complete her dose of bloody substance. A gallon of red fluids to keep her
skin flawlessly radiant... a vampire spa.

The night is in desolation, victims longing to draw closer, right after the bar closes before
midnight. She needs a blood booster drinks, walking with her graceful hips synchronized with her queenly footsteps.

Her black cloak uncovers her Barbie doll statuesque, spreading her aura of desires, then walks out after a drink. She sneaks in the dark alley, to steal the moment, to one with oozing delight of a forbidden sin... a crime of passion in bloody salutation.





Retired Special education school teacher in Public school. After I became disabled, I became passionate with prose and poetry as therapy. I published children’s books and anthologies with group of poets. I even joined 24 hours challenge writing poetry with prompt every hour.

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