Skipped Over written by Sultana Raza at

Skipped Over

Skipped Over

written by: Sultana Raza



More graceful, more refined, grew writer’s output,
Currents swept dizzily to dangerous shores,
Relentless water swirled, uncaring underfoot.
Snatched away cruelly, are any steady oars.

Wily whirlpools; sucked in seedy swamps,
Complaints got drowned in vortexes noir,
Troubles and worries embroiled him in romps.
Even morn got streaked by sombre soir.

On terra firma would his words be engraved?
Captured by protocol, still ship remained,
Or with indifference valiant thoughts be shaved?
Fresh wheezes no breezes, for ten days detained.

Grey-toned nightmare, on perilous plot awoke.
In salty depths, unknown name would soak.

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