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written by: Aurora Kastanias


I never feel, lonely in my isolation.
Indulging in my spirited passions I laugh
At my unspoken quips and sallies,
Murmuring sweet words of affection
To Self while tenderly kissing my shoulder

Pouring glasses of wine as red as my blood
Crimson drops lasciviously melding
With my substance whilst I listen
To my essence blissfully at peace,
Yoga stands in physics and poetry.


As I come out of my sheltering abode
I impulsively suffer enfeebling crises
Watch the world its beauty ignored
By frantic people passing by unable
To appreciate themselves lost

In small talks avoiding getting closer
To one, another realise they are part
Of one big family named humanity, I fall
Into irrational despair as I regret they do not
Grasp the marvel that is their sheer existence.

I endure,

Effusing words vibrating away
Through the air they breathe I like to imagine
They perceive the love I wish to infuse
A sense of warmth an evanescent caress
Whispering to their spirits all is well.

Yet I can’t neglect, disabling solitude
Ineluctably besieging me solely amongst others.

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