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Spring Comes Softly

written by: Linda Dobinson



Spring comes softly her colours to reveal
on flowers, though the rays we do not feel
from a sun that keeps its distance still
and strong winds blow edged with an arctic chill.
No happy lovers holding hands will walk
wilding away the hours as they laugh and talk.
So I sit forlorn as clouds shadows fall
on shadows that fade 'neath this massy wall.
And yet, between the blades of grass I see
small green shoots of crocus' yet to be,
and spiders busily weaving their web,
so soon this lonely winter's tide will ebb,
and Spring in glorious colours will descend
the charges of this new-born world to tend.

Linda Dobinson

Linda Dobinson

I was born in Croydon, England but grew up in Barbados. When I was 17 we returned to London. The fast pace of life was exciting, the shops fabulous but the cold - not so good. Although I do not like the cold and never will, I did like the changing seasons. In summer I love the long evenings but in winter I love the long nights. Spring means 'goodbye cold', and the colours of autumn are inspiring.
I like reading, writing poetry, cats, baking cakes and F1 - not necessarily in that order.
I have published three volumes of poetry. My second book ENCOUNTER is No. 1 on Amazon Kindle.
Linda Dobinson

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