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Spring To Summer

written by: LadyLily



A shift in time, subtle as a Wren’s sigh
Wakes babbling water voices,
poured from a vase.
Solar lights lash lime grasses,
Whispering spikes wriggle from swarthy soil,
hiss, then kiss minted air.
Nymphs worship shadows, lap liqueur spumed lilies.
Washes of blue hues melt into liquid sapphire slashes.
Moon, dressed in pearl emits perpetual pulses…
As artist smothers his canvas,
Impressions of magic.
Silversmith’s sculpture mistresses of beauty.
Minstrels compose ballads of unspoken truths.
Nature’s grains form sand-storms
to figures of caramel
as sky’s blue dress sails over Canada Geese
filling voids between Heaven and Earth.



JULY 2017 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Love writing poetry in all styles, stories and working on a novel. Subjects range widely... about life in this world and the next, the beauty of the natural world and the grip of human emotions. First volume of poems self-published on Amazon kindle. 'LadyLily's Poems, Book 1, Wonders of Nature, Life Slices, Life After Life & Netherworlds.

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