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The Boy On The Stairs

written by: David Wagoner


He haunts me.
His knee sideways,
on the step.
His limp hand trapped beneath.
Another life ended too soon.
So young.
Life before him.
He haunts me.
That only child.
No flunking grades
play their part.
No suicide note.
No broken heart.
He haunts me.
Remove the body.
White sheet.
The pure shroud of early death.
I’m his first pallbearer.
He haunts me.
Perjured verdict.
Evidence withheld.
His knees touching the step.
Seed dripping down.
That other reason haunts me.
Death by that other name.
The coroner ruled suicide.
The dreadful lolling head.
His tearful mother laying the wreath.
Which is more comforting the truth or the lie.

David Wagoner

David Wagoner

I am a retired CAD-CAM specialist. Words and math are my loves.
David Wagoner

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