The Inertial Pain, a poem by Deepthy at

The Inertial Pain

The Inertial Pain

written by: Introverted Thoughts


Sticking to beliefs; once laws,
Hither-thither like prey, we flee from
The downpour of changes,
Wreaking havoc in sweet bubbles of monotony.

In states of ecstasy and gleeful excitement
Were changes invited home,
Oblivious to – how residents of long
Were being tossed onto the streets,
And life once revered, going haywire.

This inertial pain opens up doors
To enticing worlds but, oh –
How our hearts bleed!
For the normalcy; now history.

A monochromatic world, do we
Open our eyes to, changing
And growing for better or worse,
To survive this inertial pain.

For one day, it too shall sustain
Pain akin to what, our beloved routines suffered.
And watch helplessly, as we intone – “Oh, this inertial pain!“
While changes – today’s novelty, are rendered homeless
In a future, unwritten yet.

Till then,
With partial sanity, will we
Play host to this inertial pain.

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