Unrequited Infatuation, poetry by Lee Montgomery-Hughes at Spillwords.com
Gustave Moreau (Galatea)

Unrequited Infatuation

Unrequited Infatuation

written by: Lee Montgomery-Hughes



Sing to me songs of death and sorrow
That I may wake upon the morrow
Free from the melody of your bitter song
Playing through my mind

Hear that song of lust and love
Of hell below and heaven way up above
With the wickedest of virtues and deadliest of sins
Playing through your mind

Wish for me some sweet release
For visions of tranquillity and that of peace
Of angels and harps
Playing through my mind

Grant me my one true desire
To ravage your soul and set your mind on fire
That true love stays forever
Playing through our minds

Release me from your malicious greed
Your control over my need
Please release me from the infatuation
Playing through your mind
Free me from the hold you unfairly maintain
Playing with my mind

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