Christmas Is Near, a poem written by Shelly Wilson at

Christmas Is Near

Christmas Is Near

written by: Shelly Wilson



Christmas is near
The clamor has begun
Shopping and hopping
And tons of fun.

Yet some are so lonely
In need of our care
I wonder what Jesus
Sees from up there.

The stressed single mom
Just making ends meet
Left on her own
A miracle she needs.

The heart whose in grief
From losses of love
It’s a new normal
A strange Christmas for some.

The parent whose child
Is out on her own
Wrestling with addiction
They’re praying her home.

Some are just friendless
They’re searching for Light
Maybe the brethren
Could love some to Christ.

We celebrate the baby
Sent down to save man
Perhaps we could give Jesus
Some gifts from our hands.

Amidst our hot cocoa
And presents galore
May we remember
What Christmas is for.

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