Fear, a poem written by Criss Tripp at Spillwords.com


written by: Criss Tripp



I’m inside your coffee, and inside your movies.
Between your sheets, and inside your smoothies.
Your television, and smartphones, aren’t safe either.
Even your screens, will scream you’re a believer.
I’m inside your closet, don’t forget what I said.
I’m under your bed, yet you don’t know instead;
The dead thread led dread,
Bled lead inside of your head.
I’m inside your brain, your heart, and your lungs.
The hum of the drum has sung, until it’s undone.
I’m inside your buses, taxis, and ubers.
Disproved proof, will prove astute truth to losers.
I’m inside your sandwiches, soups, and salads.
There’s no escaping fates, sadly valid ballads.
I’m inside your sport drinks, beers, and shots.
You forgot that the plot, is not all I’ve got.
I could be outside your window, or inside your bedroom.
I’ll bloom doom too soon, to peruse with a boom.
Just do yourself a favor, and do it this time,
Right before, you kiss your kids goodnight.
Check under their bed, and inside of their closet.
Check your blood pressure, and the trickling faucet.
Everything that you think, and everything that it wasn’t;
Everywhere that you’ll go, and everything that comes sudden.
To all the things you deem or seen, as a haunting obscene scene;
From smiling teeth, to the green in greed, to all the menacing dreams.

May your days and nights be filled, with blood curdling screams;
Don’t forget that I’m there, to wish you, a Happy Halloween.

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