Halloween Horror, written by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com

Halloween Horror

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



From my humble abode –
From “My window on the world”
I can see them as clear as the day!
I know them quite well
And I fear them for sure
For their venom will spill today!
They’re the Ghosts and the Goblins
The Witches and Warlocks
The Spiders that weave wretched webs
The Skeletons, the Bats – and all that is bad
The broken, the violent, the terribly sad
…The aura, the mark of the macabre…
Riding in on the souls who pave their way
They’re alive in the shadows
Of this outlandish night
They appear in October when the time is right
They frolic about with strength and might
Hissing aloud to their own delight
Their silhouettes dance behind shades of gray
So oddly happy and strangely gay
Their windows are adorned with iron bars
Like insane asylums and killer jails
They gaze out into darkness and grin with ease
Such sinister laughter, such cold wicked wails
Their house is quite evil as wooden shutters flap loudly
To a choir of maligned beings who sing harmony, proudly
They cast spells from a Witch’s kettle
They take turns stirring the brew
I have but one question
– Will their next victim be you?



“Halloween” – Embrace the magic of the holiday … Accept the tricks as well as the treats, and you’ll do just fine!!!

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