Marley's Mom and Dad written by Angie Brocker at

Marley’s Mom and Dad

Marley’s Mom and Dad

written by: Angie Brocker



Dedicated to Chelsea and Jordan, Marley’s mom and dad


Hold tight to your heart or it will slip away
Tears fall down, there’s nothing you can say
A beautiful soul was born today
Thanks to Marley’s mom and dad

Hug her close, do not speak
Feel her soft breath on your cheek
Her sweet sounds will make you weak
Charmed life for Marley’s mom and dad

Hurry as she runs to seek and find
She just may leave you far behind
This world has opened up her mind
Stay close Marley’s mom and dad

Hear her words as she grows tall
She’ll teach you too, she’s not so small
Knowing you’ll be there through it all
Because you’re Marley’s mom and dad

Handle her tears as lessons are learned
Teenage troubles have been earned
Tears involved for all concerned
Just love Marley’s mom and dad

Hope to hear how her day went
Texts and phone calls have been sent
Thankful for all the time you’ve spent
Being Marley’s mom and dad

Hold tight to each memory she gave you
So surprised at how fast your girl grew
Sit back and enjoy the beautiful view
Thankful you’re Marley’s mom and dad

Angie Brocker

Angie Brocker

Angie Brocker is a married mother of 4 grown children. She has a BA in English Literature and recently completed her first novel. In her spare time, she enjoys being a paranormal investigator and family game nights.
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