Out & Down (Marylebone) written by Rich at Spillwords.com

Out & Down (Marylebone)

Out & Down


written by: Rich



Hair and beard like Jesus surely it can’t be my old mate from my old Town now He’s fallen out and down
I ask him to show me where he stays after you buy me a drink he says
Gliding swiftly he’s hard to keep up with guiding me literally to where cash-point and shop is
We greet fellow Pilgrims on the way at least he’s not lonely to myself I say
As we stop by his place for the night we unstack two chairs outside another Inn that’s lost its fight
Mid conversation he asks for a fiver “You’re better than this” I tell him “You need your Mother” a Higher power
Sometimes in life we crave time alone but who’ll save ours when we have no home
Think of The King hanged on the cross Jay waves goodbye I imagine to hang round Kings Cross ..



I do the London 'Open mic' circuit having been writing for three years. I like to confront serious themes and try to explore reasons behind certain happenings.

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