This Is I, Holding Your Hand, written by thePoeticpiper at

This Is I, Holding Your Hand

This Is I, Holding Your Hand

written by: thePoeticpiper



Valentine, you said you don’t believe in valentine
For the gifts shared have no meaning for the word, love
Like a widow, you are set to wear black this day
So am I, another new first, a new scene on my stage
Difference; my heart is your gift, an art for you to colour
Be it black, in that period, like other days, my hand will be in yours, yours in mine
If far apart, our spirits will connect, a hug, it shall be

May I, however be, the white light in your heart
Strike a feeling to designate a candle, for you to meditate
Lay back in warmth and discover that this gift is not to depart
Holding on to you, like always, I shall hold on tight
Not leaving your side, not erasing this sight
Grow a tree with a meaning worthy of a word, will grow

Once upon a moment, you asked for a gift, to remember me
Witness the craft, straight from the depth of my heart
Two single notes tied, black roses, through this day
Happiness, comfort, words easy to mention
In me, that is what is alive in your presence
A worthy feeling from when I see you from a distance

We met in Summer, made memories blowing trees
Thus, shall never fall like Autumn leaves
Did not paint this friendly picture in Spring, not cuddled in Winter
I pray that neither of us leave one another in a lonely place
Then, one day beneath priceless chandeliers, we shall dance
For we will be happy like right where we are
Hand in yours, yours in mine, our own stars, aligned

Remember me in my absence, for you are in my memories
Never hold back from seeing me depart, neither will I
Should tears arise, tap your heart twice, say “all is well”, all will be
Should what I say be a sign of romance in your presence
I do not apologize, my heart is true not a lie
Give away something priceless to someone worthy, a gift
God gifted to you
Thus, this is I, holding your hand, from a place worthy of the word

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